Redeem your points for a free night in any of our Eurobuilding Hotels.

Hotel Points for a Free Night in a Standard Room
Hotel & Suites Caracas 30,000
Express Maiquetia 24,000
Express Maracay 22,000
Hotel & Suites Guayana 20,000
Express El Tigre 20,000
Express Barinas 20,000
Hotel & Suites Coro 20,000
Boutique Buenos Aires 80,000
EB Hotel Quito 80,000
EB Hotels Miami 120,000
You can upgrade your room by paying to stay in a standard room and using your points to cover the difference of the upgrade.

Hotel Points for Room Upgrade from Standard Room to
Hotel & Suites Caracas Business Class 5,000

Suite Spa 15,000

First Class 15,000
Express Maiquetia King Studio 3,000

King Deluxe 8,000
Express Maracay Studio Suite 3,000

Suite 7,000
Hotel & Suites Guayana Junior Suite 7,000

Suite 12,000
Express El Tigre King Studio 3,000

Suite 8,000
Express Barinas Executive Suite 5,000

VIP Suite 8,000
Boutique Buenos Aires Suite Junior 35,000