Redeem your points for a free night in any of our Eurobuilding Hotels.

Hotel Points for a Free Night in a Standard Room
Hotel & Suites Caracas 30,000
Express Maiquetia 30,000
Express Maracay 20,000
Hotel & Suites Guayana 20,000
Express El Tigre 20,000
Express Barinas 20,000
Hotel & Suites Coro 20,000
Boutique Buenos Aires 40,000
EB Hotel Quito 40,000
EB Hotels Miami 50,000
You can upgrade your room by paying to stay in a standard room and using your points to cover the difference of the upgrade.

Hotel Points for Room Upgrade from Standard Room to
Hotel & Suites Caracas Business Class / Business Woman 5,000

First Class / Suite Spa 15,000
Express Maiquetia King Studio 5,000

King Deluxe 10,000
Express Maracay Studio Suite 5,000

Suite 10,000
Hotel & Suites Guayana Junior Suite 5,000

Suite 10,000
Express El Tigre King Studio 5,000

Suite 10,000
Express Barinas Executive Suite 5,000

VIP Suite 10,000
Boutique Buenos Aires Suite Junior 15,000
Redeem your points for a Full Day in our national Eurobuilding Hotels.

Hotel Points for a Full Day
Hotel & Suites Caracas 10,000
Express Maiquetia 10,000
Hotel & Suites Guayana 10,000
Express El Tigre 10,000
Express Barinas 10,000
Hotel & Suites Coro 10,000